Xender APK Download Latest Version 2024

With an increasing demand for highly advanced and upgraded applications in the market. Many such applications have been discovered. Today, I’m also introducing such an application. This application is named Xender APK. The final target of this Xender APK is sharing the files. This application allows users to share files even without an internet connection. This makes it perfect and popular among users. That’s Why users love this app. This application has no limitations on file size or number of files. Using this app, you can quickly share massive files and many files. There are also many other options available in the Xender APK download. These options are sorting, filing, and deleting apps.

In the short term, Xender APK is more efficient than Bluetooth and Wifi. This app supports Android, IOS, Windows, PC, and Mac systems. And almost 500 million people are using this Xender APK download. This is because of its ultra legends features, so users love this app.

What is Xender APK?

Xender APK download is an application used for the transfer of data. This data may be in the form of Video, Images, Music, Word files, and others. By using Xender APK new version, you can transfer files conveniently. You can share audio, video, photos, or other files quickly with the highest speed. There are also many different software applications which also perform the same function. But Xender APK latest version is an application that works much better than theirs. Another fantastic benefit of this application is the download facility. You can download any video from social media like Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.

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Moreover, Xender APK latest version 2024 download, is a fast streaming application. You can share files from an old device to a new one using Smart Switch Mobile. Using Xender APK, files are shared, and SMSS, contact, and other data can be shared with other devices. Also, you can download your favorite videos from other Social media accounts.


1.Transfer files with extremely high speed

One of its unique features is that you can transfer files from one device to another using the Xender app. There is no limit to sharing a vast number of files. Also, there are no restrictions for large or heavy files. You can transfer your desired files without caring about the file’s size. In this way, you could share a large amount of data at a high speed without paying any money. Many applications perform these functions, but compared to them, Xender APK Download is better.

2.Transfer files of any Format

Many other applications perform the same functions and are available on different web stores. However, they transfer files from one device to another with some limitations. They can share files of only limited size and limited format. But Xender is such an excellent app for sharing files with their original size. You can share any of your desired files in any format with no problem.

3.Social media downloader

Along with sharing and transfer of files with high speed, Xender APK will also provide a video downloader app. By using this application you can download your favorite videos and photos from any social media account. These social media accounts can be Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and as such as others. You can download the content of these social media accounts with the help of Xender app. And also can share this content with your friends and family.

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4.Send large files without limitations

Through the Xender APK download the latest version 2024, and you can send unlimited large files without hassle. There is no limit on the number of transferred files or their size. You can transfer files to their original size in no more time.

5.No need of Internet

The most famous and useful feature of Xender APK download is that you can use this application without the internet. You can transfer your desired files from one device to another device at a high speed even when you have no internet connection.

6.Have many languages

Another amazing feature of this application is that it offers many languages. Users can select their appropriate language and apply on this app. In this way, this app proves to be helpful for the people.

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7.Convert Video to Audio

Another great feature of Xender APK new version is the conversion of Video to Audio. Using this feature, you can convert a video file to MP3 form. You can play that converted MP3 file on a music player app. You can also play that MP3 file on another music player app. The MV format is unavailable on any device, so converting it into MP3 will be very helpful.

8.Used as File Manager

Xender APK is the only application that is used as a File Manager. The functionality of this app looks like a file-managing application. You can view the files, move the files, and delete the files you have received from another device via the Xender app. You can perform these functions in the file manager app, but The Xender app also provides these. Also, you can create a backup if you are restoring your device or need to clean the storage. Then, to protect your data, you can create a backup. This backup includes all the files like photos, videos, music, etc.

9.Smartphone replication

Another stunning feature of Xender APK new download is smartphone replication. If you got a new device and want to transfer all your content in your new device from the old one. And looking for such an incredible application which can do that. The one and only Xender APK latest version 2024 download. Through this feature, you can transfer files from an old device to the new one. You can share all mobile data like contacts, SMS and call log through the smart switch replication of the Xender APK.

10.Free downloader app

Xender is an excellent application and has many amazing functions for user’s use. Moreover, this application provides you a video downloader system in it too. Through this Xender APK latest version, you can download videos from other social media platforms where you watch and like these videos. You can download these videos on your operating device by using this marvelous feature of Xender APK new. Besides downloading the videos from facebook, twitter, messenger, youtube. You can also share them with your friends and family. These are the wonderful features which makes this Xender APK download famous among the users.

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Key features

  • Share apps with your friends in one click
  • Used for haring materials like(Video, Audio,Image, Pdf, Word, Excel, Zip, and folders)
  • Strong and free file manager
  • No consuming of data. Save your money.
  • Transfer data without any type of wire. No data cable is required.
  • There is no limit of transfer files
  • Extremely high speed of transfer files. As compared to others like Bluetooth, Wifi. It is more efficient .
  • Have a friendly and easy user interface
  • Can convert video to audio
  • Offers Many Languages like English, Spanish, Chinese, Greek, Hungarian,Indonesian and others.
  • Can download and saves videos from any social media account

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  • Supports a variety of various Languages
  • A smart approach to file sharing that eliminates data usage


  • Requires both users to have Xender app on their phone


Q. Is Xender APK 2024 free for use?

Yes, Of course Xender APK 2024 is free for use.

Q. Is Xender APK safe to use?

Yes, Xender APK download is safe and secure for use.

Q. Does the Xender APK 2024 transfer Viruses to your device?

No, Xender APK 2023 will not transfer Viruses to your device. But if you transfer the infected files then your device can damage due to the virus.

Q. Can I use the Xender APK to transfer files on my laptop?

Yes, the Xender APK can be used to transfer files from one laptop device to another laptop.

Q. Which is better Xender APK or SHAREit APK?

Both of these applications are the same application and also perform the same functions. Neither is better than the other. Both the Xender APK and SHAREit transfer the files with an extremely high speed.


Xender APK is an excellent option if you need an application that performs fast file sharing. Xender APK is a sharing tool that can transfer data from one device to the other. You can use this app and share data without an internet connection. This application supports almost all formats like Images, Videos, audio, Word, and Excel. You can transfer heavy data in only a few seconds. With the help of this app, you can share files, convert video to audio, and download content.

In the short term, Xender APK 2024 is the latest app. This app is used for the transfer of data between devices. This transfer does not need any time or internet connection. Through this, you can do many functions. So, why are you waiting? Go and download the app from our website and enjoy all its features.